undeveloped film

Currently Playing: Caedmon's Call - Majesty

still on repeat.
feeling undeserving
feeling hypocritical
am i being honest?
with You. with me.
You're majestic.
what am i doing?
why have i been silent?
You see me. You know me.
that's comfort.
in Your arms.
i want to stay here.
with You. near You. worshipping You.
am i worshipping?
craving home. wandering. confused.

and somehow, in the midst of a whirlpool of thoughts and emotions... You still manage to find me.

edit: hmm. another post i go back to and stare at, wondering if it should be deleted or not.

sigh... just in a period of a few hours... i'm so amazed by Your love in the form of people. it's been quite a weekend... but then again, You're quite a Father =)

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