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Currently Playing: Caedmon's Call - Majesty

I have this song on repeat... over and over. The lyrics are astoundingly simple.... but I love the song. Majestic... YOU are.

So here I am, writing a book review about possibly one of the fluffiest books I've ever read (Time Traveler's Wife, a whopping 550 pages of it) feeling clearer than I have in days. It's amazing how calming His presence is... just sitting and stopping and letting things go. After feeling quite frustrated about losing WashU's interview packet, getting California's app. sent back AGAIN (honestly, that's making me want to go to California less and less), not finding my books, and just feeling all over the place.... I sat. In view of Your majesty..... sighs. You never cease to amaze me.

Still feeling quite unprepared about going back to school though. Not just about the schoolwork, but the people... atmosphere. I've spent the better part of the past two weeks with church siblings in all sorts of highs and lows, from camps to shopping to mounds of yummy sushi. But here I am... ready(?) to go back into the valley.

Majesty... worship His Majesty.. unto JESUS be all glory, honor and praise!

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