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Wow... you guys made yesterday absolutely wonderful =)

[ Variety Show ] The only picture I could get of Midnight Rave = coolest ravers/nunchunk-ers :D

[ Skit Night] Skits and fellowship and coffee cake and the most indescribable Family and small group that God has given =)

[ Allister ] Last 10 minutes of the concert..... there was like a mosh pit up front o_O I'm surprised Dean Leverance allowed that. But hey, it was my first concert?

Tim, one of the singers/geetar players.

And after the concert..... we got to meet them backstage =D =D They are so laid back and just.... COOL! I ended up getting my ticket stub autographed, pictures with the drummer and bassist, and an autographed CD.... I would've gotten a shirt too, but I had no money left =( Man..... that was coool.

Man... Orchestrated Follies tonight anyone?? And Allister tomorrow night?? =D

Allister = <3

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