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The end of another year... and the start of another.

I started to xanga a month by month recap of 2004... but then thought it to be a waste of time and deleted it. I got to April by that time.

I just have this song on repeat..... Lead me in your Holiness, I will follow... I confess.

Where would I be without You?

As a person who spends a lot of time staring at monuments.... I find myself asking Him just that very question. Where would I be without the challenges of this year? The feeling of utter desparity at times of being alone at home for seemingly endless weeks in contrast to the feeling of unconditional love at church? Being utterly broken in relationships, friendships, only to start building them up not one week ago? Where would I be without these burdens that have made each step a little harder to bear, a little wiser, a little closer ultimately... to You?

Maybe... I dont want to know. Here are your thank you's and goodbyes, 2004. I'm sure 2005 has plenty to teach too... maybe I'll be a little more ready this time.

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