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Mm... so last night, I dug up all these old mp3s and mpegs on my computer... listening to the voices of old leaders brought back so many memories. The specifics are on my xanga... but man. I think I realized how much of an impact my older brothers and sisters had in my life when I was younger... and I think, and I wonder where they are all now. I talked to JD and JK last night.... first time in a looong time.

It's kinda weird - the girls that were just in junior high then are leading small groups. The girls I used to act out Lord of the Rings with are now serving so faithfully.... in skits, in Servant Team, through everything. I'm so so so amazed by how our Father grows us... holds us close through these years. And even if those leaders are gone now... there are still continous blessings through new leaders too =)

So yeah. School today.... Jackie's presentation had coffee! So I drank some, thinking Okay, this will keep me awake through my Calc quiz... but then there were these Andes mints next to the coffee cups, so I put one in my coffee... it was quite tasty! So I had a lot of coffee.. and was wired during my Calc quiz, during physics, and during psych... then started to get sleepy again during Yearbook... meh.

Oh well. Anyway, tomorrow's the WC presentation.. I'm kinda nervous, kinda excited, kinda hungry.... and kinda losing my voice =/ Prayer first.. cough drops second.

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