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This is a call... this is a callout. 'Cause everytime I fall down... I reach out to YOU.

Sam said last night... "I'm so sick of being... human. So petty. So catty. So... blah."

And that's just what we are... so human. So lost in our relationships with each other, with our Creator. So confused about what the heck we're here doing. So petty in our desires and our motives. So preoccupied with such meaningless things... with school, colleges, appearances, the opposite gender. So catty with drama and backstabbing. So lost as to where we're supposed to be... so caught up in the chains of this world that make us feel like we're just suffocated by our sin where all we REALLY want to and should be doing is


The cold air after Jeanne's outside was such a relief. Thanks to His grace for James being alive and well, thanks to His grace for me not crashing into Shirley's car, thanks to His grace for an old friend listening to me blabber on the phone after feeling like crap while driving home, thanks to His grace for good, solid conversation until 3 AM.... thanks to God for his mercies. I'm so amazed by how You've been working in my friends' lives, Dad.

Thank You for the constant reminders... no matter how painful it may be.. that YOU alone are God. And in the end.. we're just humans.

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