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So during prayer meeting before YG today, I started thinking about what it meant for me to be at church at that very moment.

That it went so much more beyond just my parents saying yes and my babe for driving me there.

Some number of years ago, I had to have moved from China to Chicago... then from Chicago to undisclosed area of where I live now. That I became friends with a few girls that happened to attend CCMC... that one friday night when they invited me to Youth Group, my parents let me go... that I would get hooked into this thing called worship... and that one day, when Steph handed me the summercamp form, I'd fill it out and go to SummerCamp2001... and there accept Christ. That I would continually go to CCMC for years after that, until it came to this very year where I finished my apps early and my parents were a bit more lenient... and then my babe was loverly-ing enough to come and pick me up... all for me to be at YG tonight. I'm sure you guys have similar stories too...

but doesn't that make you feel incredibly loved and just so encompassed in His divine plan? Yeah...

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