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Once again... another song I hold dear to my heart. Look (http://caedmonscall.net/songs/2g/track12.php) for the lyrics and explanation. They say it better than I ever could.

Just one more day until Winter Camp... finally! This week has been incredibly long. Last night I sat down and did the majority of my wrapping/card writing though. It honestly doesn't feel like Christmas yet... one of the many reasons why I could never leave the Midwest - no more white Christmases.

So I dropped off Don Meyer's thank you card and gift this morning for writing one of my recommendations. I was in his Spanish 4 Honors class... and first quarter, that class frustrated me so much. I was used to just treating spanish as a blow-off class and getting at least a high B.... but he didn't let me do that. After getting a 87 on a test, (88 is the lowest B), I finally went to him and said I couldn't handle it... and I asked my older, wiser, AP-taking friend to help me. I did much much better second quarter, and managed to get a high B that semester, then an A next semester.

And so when he asked me what college I wanted to go to, and I said I didn't know (see prior post) he said... I'll pray for you. Have a blessed Christmas.

At this point... I was like... WOW. Did you really just say that to me?? Last year we discussed a LOT of theology, but as the whole school/religion thing works out, it's hard for a teacher to express his/her views. And being sometimes, the only person with my perspective in the class.... that was just incredibly cool + encouraging.

24 more hours!..

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