and You said, don't be afraid

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When I listen to this song... I just get this beautiful image of a child walking by a river. It's dark now, and any traces of warmth from the sun had all but vanished. As he starts to shiver from the cold, his pace quickens as the wind starts to scream and the trees claw him at him. Feeling utterly abandoned, his feet clumsily trips over a stray branch and he kneels.... weeping in sorrow, confusion, despair.

the air has never felt so warm
the sky has never looked this way before
there's nothing comforting in change
I can't seem to find any peace in this confusion

I can't help my mind from racing
and my heart is beating faster than ever before
tell me is this really happening
I cannot tell if I am dreaming

It was then that he felt the physical embodiment of gentleness and unconditional love touch him on the shoulder. He looks up... and sees the equally sorrowful eyes of his Jesus looking back at him. He opened his small mouth to speak, but the right words couldn't form in his mind. He had a feeling that anything he could say... anything he felt, Jesus would know. One word finally escapes his throat..... Daddy.

last night
I saw You standing in the moonlight
and You took my hand
and we walked beside the river
and You said don't be afraid
be strong
I'm with you.

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