Love will keep us together

GRACE: We're drifting apart, Will. People do. It happened to Heidi and Charlie. They don't even talk anymore.
WILL: Oh, my god! Is that what this is all about? Grace, we are always going to be in each other's lives.
GRACE: How do you know that? Huh? Things change. I mean, you're gonna get a boyfriend. I'm gonna get a boyfriend.
WILL: Hopefully not the same boyfriend.
GRACE: We're not a couple. We're not married. We don't have kids. What do we have to keep us together?
WILL: Love. [SINGING AND PLAYING THE PIANO] Love will keep us together.
GRACE: Don't do that. You know, there are a million things that could pull us in a million different directions.
WILL: Think of me, babe, whenever.
GRACE: And then we'll end up talking less and less.
WILL: Some sweet-talkin' guy comes along, singin' a song
GRACE: Don't do this. We're talking about our friendship here.
WILL: Don't mess around. You've just gotta be strong.
GRACE: You know what? Doing this stupid song is not gonna take away my concerns, ok?
WILL: Just stop.
GRACE: Stop!
'Cause I really love you. Stop.
I've been thinkin' of you.
WILL AND GRACE: [SINGING] Look in my heart and let love keep us together.

I think that us, as humans, sometimes overuse that word. Love. What is it, really? We tell our parents we love them... we tell God that we love Him.. and reassure our friends and tell them we wub them.. sometimes even as a form of goodbye - "Night, love you!"

What is it, then? Is it calling someone everyday to ask them how they're doing? Is it writing an email every week with prayer requests? Is it the occasional visit just to say hi?

I guess I've been thinking about that a lot more recently, especially now that Josh has been emphasizing broken relationships at the church. There's no doubt that I do have broken relationships at church.... some that seem less fixable than others. So where do you draw the line? Are all friendships that are broken fixable? Are all of them willed by God to be eventually healed? Or are some relationships just meant to be... forever broken?

Sorry if I seem really pessimistic about it, haha. I guess some of it comes from personal experience. It seems like I'm running away from the brokenness..... but I've done all that I can. A relationship takes two people to have it work - centered around God. But it makes you wonder... how much love can heal.

add a thought?
hmm... interesting cuz in sunday school we were talkin about love a few weeks back and about the diff. types of love:
agape-selfless love, god's love for us
philia-brotherly love
eros-selfish, bad love
hesed-marriage, covenantal love

understanding these helps u get a different perspective on the very generic word: Love...

also.. we talked about forgiveness today...about how we should go about it...
1) you and them
2) you and witnesses and them
3) church and them
(that came from some verse i can't remember at the moment)
things should usually stop at you and them tho...
actually.. these might provide perspective on two different issues... (ask if confused) ^^;;

but another thing that was interesting about the lesson today was that having an issue with a peer totally effects your worship which is one reason to resolve it asap. i guess it goes both ways but perhaps these things we've been learning in SS class will give u some food for thot?

<3 <+><
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