Learning again

I'm not so young anymore.

Sometimes I think it'd be easier to be younger... to have leaders take care of me, baby me, make sure I'm okay.... but all things have a season. Maybe it's my season to step out of that stage of youth... into one with more responsibility. It's been exhausting though... especially with this Senior Thesis on the loose, it's been tough.... even off of 5, 6 hours of sleep, I feel like I'm going to fall over in the halls.

But through it all.... God's been teaching me....
how to listen through accountability
how to pray with a heart of conviction
me the absolute need for prayer... and the power of it
the power in truth and love... how easy it is to fall away from that...
the importance of patience... with my parents, with my peers, with my friends especially...

but most of all, he's been teaching me about love....true love. I'm old enough for it now. About the burden of love... but the joy and encouragement through it. It's been one tough journey so far... and it's definitely pushing me to my limits... but we are hard-pressed but never shattered.... haha, something else i'm learning - rely on his promises!

Growing older.... but growing up :)

Edit: Speaking of love... haha

You guys definitely made one supercalifragilisticespialidocious night =D

add a thought?

<3 <+><
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