Listening to: 24 - Switchfoot

This song holds a lot of meaning for me. I don't quite remember how I get addicted to it - I was roaming aroud the allofmp3.com site looking for mp3s to legally download, and I came across the Switchfoot album. I remember hearing the song before during YG one day... perhaps in the video.

So I downloaded it and started to listen. The beat was pretty decent, but it was the lyrics that got my attention -- especially because it revolved around the number 24.

My interpretation? Not sure yet. It's one of those songs that mold to your mood... when I'm sad, it becomes a sad song, but when I'm encouraged, it becomes a song of hope. I listened to it for three hours non-stop while I was on the phone Thursday night. This week in general was a week of all those things... regret, humility, tears, disappointment.... love, encouragement... hope.

Right now, it's a song of hope. A lot of stuff has been going on, especially in this past week.... but it seems like all of them are further for the glory of God. There has been drama, confusion, so much stuff that sometimes just doesn't make sense... but God is still faithful through it. He's been faithful to make sure that even though we're involved in all this, to not let it take a strong hold on us. We need to still keep our eyes on the cross. And while sometimes that comes with sacrifice, it's reassuring knowing that God is still faithful.

So 24. It's 24 right now. Up for interpretation still, but hey, what a ride =)

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